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Anupama latest news: On 6th March 2024, Vanraj meets Anupama, and Anupama is shocked to see Vanraj. Consequently, she gives a fitting reply to him.

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Anupama Serial Storyline

Anupama Storyline
Serial Storyline

The Indian television serial “Anupama” airs on the Star Plus channel. Additionally, the show is based on the Marathi show “Aai Kuthe Kay Karte”. Furthermore, Rupali Ganguly and Sudhanshu Pandey play important roles in the serial. Furthermore, Rajan Shahi, the Director of Kut Productions, is producing the show. Ultimately, “Anupamaa” tells the story of a mother who sacrifices all her dreams and wishes for her family, yet does not receive the respect she deserves in return.

Throughout the day, she cares for everyone’s needs, but no one takes care of her. Additionally, the serial Anupamaa airs on the Star Plus channel Monday to Saturday at 10 pm. Furthermore, the producers had planned to release the serial on 16 March 2020, but due to the Corona pandemic, they aired the first episode of the show on 13 July 2020. Moreover, the show replaced Kahan Hum Kahan Tum. Furthermore, society often humiliates Anupamaa for her status as a simple housewife with an incomplete degree.

However, despite Kavya’s insecurity, she continues to pursue a relationship with Vanraj. Additionally, Vanraj’s feelings for Anupamaa have also caused him to feel conflicted about his actions. Still, the affair has continued to impact their professional and personal lives. This serial is also available on OTT platform Hotstar. Anupma latest news-

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Anupama latest news
6 March, Episode Glimpse

Firstly, Anupama informs Baa that she must be experiencing knee pain after traveling on a long flight and requests her to take a seat. Baa inquires why the airline staff places the chairs so close together and questions Kinjal if her sole purpose for coming to this city is to settle down. Then, the Anupama massages Baa’s feet. Baa expresses her disappointment, stating that Anupama never considered or visited her. Anupama responds by saying that if she had visited Baa, then Baa would not have had the opportunity to visit Liberty Mata.

First, Kinjal asks Yashdeep to sit down. Then, Anupama introduces him as her boss. Baa gets up and salutes him, to which he laughs. Vanraj asks why he laughed, and Yashdeep explains that Anupama also saluted like Baa. Vanraj then asks if he go to drop all his employees. Yashdeep invites him to join his restaurant and offers to drop him to Ahmedabad. Baa inquires if Anupama performs her duties effectively.

Yashdeep claims that people are fans of her food. Additionally, Vanraj states that she used to make food all her life. Anupama declares, “I have made food all my life, but I was never appreciated”. Moreover, she points out, “You came here spending dollars, and I am earning dollars here”. Yashdeep highlights that whoever does not respect the cook does not deserve respect. Also, he announces that he will take his leave. Anupama guides him to the door and apologizes for Vanraj’s behavior. Yashdeep graciously accepts the apology. Finally, Vanraj remarks, “The Indians never change”.

Yashdeep announces that tomorrow will be a significant day; then, he departs. Anupama proceeds to close the door.

Anupama Latest News-Vanraj’s Reaction

Vanraj's Reaction

Anuj panics and believes he has spent the day; however, he observes how he will spend the night. He states that Anu is not with him; moreover, he is keeping Shruti away, and Aadhya is moving farther from him. Placing his hand on his chest, he falls onto the bed, thinking about how he will endure life without Anu and Aadhya.

Vanraj asks Anupama, “Why did you arrive so early? However, we should have conversed more.” He expresses certainty that there were personal discussions between them, noting that they spent the entire day together but did not finish their talks. Anupama responds, “I am pleased to see you and I must admit that I did not feel happy or content upon seeing you. Still, I appreciate your concern.”

First of all, she requests him to sit and have tea. Then, she inquires, “What is your problem?” Next, she points out that we have no connection, and he is not associated with my boss.

She states “The world has changed in 5 years, even Anupama, who was restricted to her house, managed to reach America. However, you remain unchanged from 5 years ago, with the same arrogance, ego, jealousy, and tendency to use taunting words”. Additionally, she urges him to be mature and grow up and acknowledges that “you are unable to accept her happiness, as evidenced by the fact that you began making taunts just 5 minutes after we met”.

Anupama Latest News-Anuj’s Reaction

Anuj's Reaction

Shruti starts a video call with Anuj. Meanwhile, Anuj turns off the music, answers the call, and consoles himself. As they connect, Shruti inquires about his well-being and acknowledges that they are both aware of the situation not being fine. Later, she revealed that she was unable to locate her parents’ dead bodies, as they had been burnt beyond recognition. She requests him to visit after the event, to which he assures her he will come.

Pari expresses happiness upon meeting Vanraj and Baa. Furthermore, Baa hugged her several times, and Pari noted that it was the seventh hug she had received. Finally, Vanraj presents her with a gold chain, for which Pari expresses her gratitude.

Dimpy and Titu disclose everything to Adhik. Adhik expresses his surprise at her actions and his love for her. Dimpy reveals that they had previously viewed him as a villain, as a Pakhi had spoken ill of him while in tears. Finally, Adhik recounts a time when Pakhi, in a drunken state, had visited their home and nearly caused Ishani to fall.

He mentioned that Pakhi would receive what she deserved. Anupama inquires about Babu ji from Baa. Baa responds that he misses Anupama a lot. Afterwards, Anupama asks about Ansh, Kavya, and Dimpy, and then inquires about Pakhi. Consequently, Vanraj and Baa become tense.