Holi 2024: Anupama Star Rupali Ganguly Celebrate “Ghar ki Holi”

Rupali Ganguly and her friends and family celebrated Holi 2024—the pictures shared by her express happiness and love. Please take a look.

Rupaali Ganguly holi

Rupali Ganguly, the leading lady of Anupamaa, shared photos from her ‘Ghar Ki Holi’ celebration with her family. The actress appeared to enjoy the holiday thoroughly.

Rupali Ganguly shared many pictures on social media in which she is seen posing and celebrating with her family. However, the most heartwarming pictures are with Rupali Ganguly husband, Ashwin K Verma. These images express their love and happiness.

It is a picture of the perfect family, showcasing Rupali Ganguly posing with her husband and son. Furthermore, the diva extends her happiness when she is surrounded by her family, as evidenced by this picture.

Therefore, Holi was a family affair for Rupali Ganguly, with her brother and other family members also participating, thus creating a perfect family reunion.

Holi cannot be complete without the presence of friends and family. While Rupali Ganguly enjoyed Holi celebrations on the sets, she truly recommends celebrating the festival with her close friends and family.

A sweet picture of Rupali Ganguly and her brother Vijay Ganguly. The photo captured her brother, a well-known choreographer in the industry.

Anupama Holi 2024

Anupama Holi

Meanwhile, Baa, Pakhi, and Anupama played Holi together, while Kavya applied colors to herself.

Meanwhile, Anupama star Rupali Ganguly also shared how they celebrated Holi in the setts with her co-actors.

There has been a significant amount of drama unfolding in the TV show Anupama, starring Rupali Ganguly, in the middle of the festival season.

Since Vanraj arrived in America, the series has experienced multiple twists. Consequently, the audience eagerly anticipates the direction in which Anupama’s story will unfold during the festival.

Pictures and videos from the sets of Rajan Shahi’s highly successful show have been circulating online. Meanwhile, fans have been eagerly sharing and discussing these sneak peeks of the upcoming episodes. Actress Rupali Ganguly, known for her role as Anupama in the TV series, enthusiastically celebrated Holi with her co-stars.

Excitement for the festive season and expressed gratitude to the viewers for their love and support.

The frame may be a mess, but the excitement is in full swing. To know more about the serial Anupama storyline line CLICK HERE.

Anupama Holi Dance on set

Rupali Ganguly shared a video on her Instagram handle. The video was filmed on the set of Anupama and included Nishi Saxena, Chandni Bhagwanani, Alpana Buch, and Rupali Ganguly.

All four individuals were seen enjoying themselves together in the song ‘Kanha Ji Ki Holi’. In the caption accompanying the video, Rupali Ganguly stated, “The video was filmed in a single take without any rehearsal, resulting in a lack of coordination. The frame may be chaotic, but the enthusiasm is visible”. Video link: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C45slTUxjBS/?igsh=MTI4MjFlMmF6aWw0dQ%3D%3D

Rupali Ganguly is seen dancing on Holi with her co-stars on one hand. Additionally, Madalsa Sharma, also known as Kavya, has shared some pictures of Holi 2024 from the set of Anupama on her Instagram handle.

Madalsa Sharma has shared many pictures in which she is seen wearing a beautiful white saree. In the caption accompanying the pictures, Madalsa Sharma expressed her desire to play Holi with all of her followers by adding some color to their feed.

Additionally, Actress Madalsa Sharma, who portrays Kavya in the show, also extended her Holi greetings to fans from the set.

Actress Mandalsa Sharma, from the TV show Anupama, states, “There are no specific plans for Holi this year. The weather is extremely hot, so I do not feel like going out and playing”. She has no plans for the Holi festival. Reports confirmed by Times of India.

Holi in India is one of the most colorful and vibrant Hindu festival. The playful throwing of colors has filled the entire nation with joy, prompting people to enhance themselves like rainbows on social media. Furthermore, numerous celebrities from the television industry are enthusiastically participating in the day’s festivities.

Anupama co-stars Holi 2024 on set

Rupali Ganguly, Adhik Mehta, Gaurav Khanna, and several other co-stars are sending festive wishes to fans on the occasion of Holi 2024.

Anupama’s serial actor Gaurav Khanna and his wife Akansha had a great time celebrating Holi. However, Anupama has brought him fame as his on-screen chemistry with Rupali Ganguly is widely appreciated.

The pictures show Gaurav and his wife enjoying the festivities together. Gaurav and Akansha dated for several years before tying the knot in their hometown of Kanpur in 2016. They currently reside in Mumbai.

From splashing colors to sharing love-filled moments, the post exudes love in every way. The first photo captures Gaurav placing a kiss on his wife’s cheek, while the last snap shows the couple enjoying a plate full of pakodas. Gaurav posted pictures on his official Instagram account showing the couple drenched in vibrant Holi colors and flaunting their cute smiles.

Afterward, Gaurav penned a quirky caption that reads, “I forgot the captions due to the side effects of Holi, Bura na maano Holi hai ..kripyaa khud hi caption soch lein.” Shortly thereafter, after the actor shared the post, his friends and fans overflowed the comments section with red heart icons, expressing their reactions.

One user commented, “Happy Holi to both of you.” In addition, another wrote, “Happy Holi couple goals.” Moreover, a user mentioned, “Happy Holi to Mr and Mrs Khanna.” Furthermore, an account remarked, “Happy Holi our sunshine couple”.

Nishi Saxena, portraying Dimpy in Rajan Shahi and Deepa Shahi’s Anupama, celebrated Holi with Tanishaa Mukerji.

The actors seized the opportunity and celebrate Holi with their loved ones. Take a look at how the actors of Anupama joyously and vibrantly celebrated the festival of Holi. For more updates Trendinbites. in

Anupama Written Episode Update

Vanraj suddenly pushes Titu while he is about to apply color on Dimpy, causing the color to fall on Dimpy’s forehead. Anupama quickly rescues her and they discuss bringing Toshu back. Yashdeep, concerned about her health, asks Anupama to apply her color for her. Consequently, the situation rapidly unfolds.

Anupama encounters a man with a colored face approaching Kinjal and Pari. She catches him and splashes water on his face. Kinjal and Pari express shock, and Anupama directs Kinjal to have a chaat with Rahul.

She questions why his son has turned into a betrayer, a liar, and a selfish individual. Toshu is fearful of exiling and requests assistance. Anupama threatens to involve the police and secure Toshu’s son. Toshu apologizes and asks Anupama to release him. However, Anupama states that a mother’s heart may be tender, but at times, she must exhibit strength.

Vanraj realizes Anupama’s mistake and asks her to leave him. Anupama agrees, but Vanraj warns her that he will take her to the police. Vanraj asks Anuj if he would send Aadhya to jail if she commits a crime. Anupama refuses to allow Vanraj to withdraw the case and threatens to have her son punished if she does not comply.

Vanraj acknowledges Anupama’s error and requests her departure. Anupama allows it, but Vanraj cautions her that authorities will intervene. He discloses that law enforcement has arrested the waitress and she will not receive legal protection in the United States. Vanraj asks Anuj if he would detain Aadhya for any offense. Anupama firmly opposes Vanraj’s attempt to withdraw the case and warns of the repercussions for her son if he does not allow her to leave.