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Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 14: Contestants List, Shooting Location

This popular reality show, Khatron Ke Khiladi season 14: Fear Factor, has generated significant buzz since season 13. Furthermore, The TRP charts of the show have been rising due to the amazing performance of the show’s contestants. The production team is reportedly collaborating with renowned personalities to create an exciting and thrilling season filled with entertainment and daring challenges.

Rohit Shetty host

Rohit Shetty will host Khatron Ke Khiladi’s season 14, as he does every time. Rohit Shetty hosted Khatron Ke Khiladi 5 with various taglines, including “Dar Ka Blockbuster”, “Darr Ka Blockbuster Returns”, “Pain in Spain”, “Jigar Pe Trigger”, “Jahan dar lega class aur dega trash”, “Der Versus Der”, “Bach ke kahan jaayega? Khatra kahi bhi aayega!”, and “Iss Baar Har Level, Dar Next Level”. And many more.

The announcements have included the rules, format, prize, and list of celebrities for the upcoming season of the show. Sneak peeks and trailers build the expectations. So, scroll down to know what exclusive news we have for you regarding season 14 of Khatron Ke Khiladi. 

Khatron ke Khiladi Contestants List

Many names have emerged so far for the Khatron Ke Khiladi. Abhishek Kumar, runner-up of Bigg Boss 17, is among the confirmed names for Khatron Ke Khiladi. The scene noticeably features Kapil Sharma’s Sumona Chakravarti, Aditi Sharma, Nimrit Kaur, Shilpa Shinde, Manisha Rani, Jiya Shankar, Shoaib Ibrahim, Vivek Dahiya, Khanzadi, Neil Bhatt, and Manashi Mamgai in active participation. Have a look.

Sumona Chakravarti won the title of Kahani Comedy Circus Ki with her portrayal of Natasha Kapoor. She also has experience in the film industry, particularly in advertising.

Abhishek Kumar was born on August 26, 1995, in Mandi Gobindgarh, Punjab, India. Critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base have recognized his performances.

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia born in 1994, was born as the Indian actress who went on to win Femina Miss India in 2018 and Femina Miss Manipur. In 2019, she starred in Choti Sarrdaarni alongside Meher and Seher, making her acting debut. Furthermore, she participated in Bigg Boss 16 in 2022.

Aditi Sharma: In 2018, the Hindi television industry saw the debut of Aditi Sharma, an Indian actress and model, who gained fame in Zee TV’s “Kaleerein” 2018.

Khanzaadi: Firoza Khanzaadi, an Indian rapper, singer, and musician, rose to prominence after her appearance on Hustle 2.0. She went on to be a contestant on Bigg Boss Season 17, where she sang songs such as ‘Azaadi’ and ‘No Boundaries’.

Jiya Shankar was born on April 17, 1995. Additionally, she has also made appearances in numerous television shows and films.

Manisha Rani: In 1997, the birthplace of Manisha Rani in Munger, Bihar, India. Manisha Rani Biography.

Live Hindustan has confirmed the names. Contestants will depart for Romania for shooting by the end of May.

KKK Season 14: Shooting Location

The upcoming season of the show will be filmed in Cape Town, a fact eagerly awaited by fans. Soon, the final contestants are to depart for filming there. However, on the other hand, the contestants will be performing stunts not in Cape Town, but in Romania.

Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 14: Shooting Location

Additionally, The reports in Indian Express indicate that the show’s makers had considered locations such as Thailand, Bulgaria, and Georgia as well. Romania was chosen in the end. One reason for choosing Romania is to avoid visa issues.

Novel stunts in the new season of Khatron Ke Khiladi are predicted to become more explosive. Moreover, this time, Rohit Shetty and his team have prepared new stunts additionally. The celebrity contestants will perform these stunts.

Romania is a favored location for filming stunts, with its varied landscapes, terrain, and economical production costs being contributing factors. The Transfagarasan Highway, medieval castles, and modern-historic architecture are popular choices for stunt scenes. Additionally, filmmakers find Romania an appealing option due to its low production costs. Moreover, the varied terrain and rich historical and cultural background make for exciting filming of stunts.